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Lash Cleanse & Clean  £10
Lash Extension Removal  £25
LVL Enhance inc lash tint  £45
Classic Lash Extensions  £55
 Infill Top Up Classic*  £35
Hybrid Lashes  £65
Russian Volume  £75
Infill Top Up Volume / Hybrid*  £45


Brow Shape  £8

Lash Tint  £12

Brow Tint & Shape  £16

Lash & Brow Tint with Brow Shape  £22

HD Brows - BrowSculpt  £45


Lip £8

Chin  £12

Brow Shape with Lip & Chin  £16


Ombre/Powder Brows  £325
Eyeliner Enhancement  £325
Lip Blush  £325
6-8 week top-up 

Microblading is a cosmetic tattooing technique that is carried out using a handheld tool made up of tiny needles to add semi-permanent pigment into the skin.

Unlike traditional machine tattooing, Microblading artists create realistic fine hair strokes that mimic the natural flow of the brow to create a natural realistic result.

Microblading is ideal for clients who suffer from alopecia, or any other condition that causes hair loss, have over-plucked, have sparse or non -existent brows or to simply enhance or reshape their current look.

Microblading  service consists of a trio of appointments; 

- Your initial appointment is where I will apply your sensitivity patch test, have a good look at your brows, and talk through the process, discuss top-ups,  aftercare and what you ideally want to achieve. I will endeavour to answer any of your questions and queries.

- Your second appointment will consist of a brow mapping session, and your first Microblading procedure. This session will take approximately 2.5hrs

- Your third appointment is where I will assess how the pigment has settled within the skin, go back through any areas that may need a bit of extra attention. 

Dependant on various factors, these include but are not limited to medication, skin type, certain beauty products and sun exposure. Your results can last anywhere from 9-12 months - at this point if you choose to continue with the maintenance of your investment you can book in for a top-up.

Anything 18months+ from your first procedure appointment date needs to be rebooked back in as a new  Microblading appointment.

To get the most from your Microblading investment it is essential that you follow all aftercare instructions fully and carefully.

Microblading  £280

6 Month Top Up   £100

Colour Boost 6-9 Months £125

Colour Boost 9-18 Months  £150

18 Months Plus  £280 


 Colour touch-up (up to 6 months)  £100
Colour boost 6-9 months  £125
Colour boost 9-18 months  £175

Portfolio offers are treatments available at a reduced price, to assist with practice and building a portfolio in a newly trained treatment.

Microblading  £150

This offer is available to the first 10 clients. It is to be paid in full upon booking.  

To qualify for the microblading portfolio offer all bookings must be attended and completed within 20days 

All clients must attend all three appointments and agree to photos being taken for social media and advertising purposes.

Please see above for information on microblading, feel free to contact me to discuss further.


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